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Yamaha does not call for any introduction. This brand is one of the most popular motorcycle producers in the world. It has already produced an impressive number of bikes with wide range of models and engine capacity. Some of its products proved to be rather successful at MotoGP racing competition winning numerous titles with the biggest names in motorbike racing tournaments including Valentino Rossi.

Yamaha motorcycle division has been officially registered in 1955. The same year newly established brand introduced its first bike to the public. It was YA-1 model that was equipped with 125cc class motor. The success came to the brand immediately. New bikes proved to be not only capable in providing high level of performance, but also rather compact. As soon as YA-1 was released it won prestigious Mount Fuji Ascent competition in 125cc class.

In 1956 Yamaha came up with its second bike. YA-2 appeared to be one of the best motorcycles ever when it came to design. This is why it is not surprising that it got prestigious title of “Good Design” the same year. 1960 was the time when Yamaha made it first steps in MotoGP with its newly developed dubbed P-7 engine.

From that point Yamaha only continued its rapid growth introducing new engine types and eventually taking by storm 250cc and 500cc classes in Motor GP. In 2004 the brand signed up Valentino Rossi. Though its engine was not as powerful as its opponents’, Valentino still found it possible to win 2004 MotoGP title using other advantages of Yamaha motors which proved to be better on the uptake and while using corners and turns.

Having such bike is a privilege. And few people can now afford buying a new one right from the salon. However, the need for speed will never die inside of a true racer who will grab the slightest chance to buy used Yamaha. Considering the fact that it’s a bike, Yamaha VIN decoder is a vital service to check whether the bike was damaged or stolen. Protect yourself from any unpleasant possibilities with the help of Yamaha VIN number decoder and ride safe and calm. Yamaha VIN search tool is available for free.

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