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Volvo brand made has been officially registered in 1915 as a separate division of SKF ABcompany. At first new trademark was mainly used for ball bearings of special series. But this was not for long. Volvo AB started its independent production of vehicles in 1926 when Gustav Larson and Assar Gabrielsson established collaboration in order to present their first 10 prototypes to the public. Throughout many years of brand’s history Volvo has manufactured several iconic models which were a huge success. At first the company mainly dealt with expensive cars. Later it decided to change the strategy and produce autos for people in order to increase the sales rate.

Combination of High quality and descent safety level has always been the main signature of the company. 240 model is the best example of such perfect combination. After it replaced its predecessor 140 series it became evident that Swedish brand is aimed on implementing new innovative ideas to meet requirements and needs of its customers.

240 series made the most sales for the company during 70’s and 80’s. Everything was running smoothly for the company. Nevertheless, 90’s came up with a necessity to offer something new to the automotive market. This is when iconic 850 series was firstly introduced followed by S40 and V40 models.

Now Volvo is among major European automakers. It is specialized in production of commercial vehicles, trucks, SUVs, sedans and more. However new Volvo cars are not as cheap as they used to be several decades ago. Nevertheless, customers are still in search of high quality and safety. Used autos can also meet their requirements. At the same time used cars come along with slight risk of being treated unfairly by seller. Volvo VIN decoder will help to avoid any problems especially if you are looking for a commercial vehicle or truck which calls for additional attention. Volvo truck VIN decoder will provide buyers with essential information that will protect future business perspectives and the car itself. Feel free to use our Volvo VIN lookup tool and get all necessary information about an auto you are about to buy.

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