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Volkswagen brand name has always been a synonym to reliability, high class, safety and comfort. It is one of the major German automakers with long and rich history. It was known as “people’s car” which meant that company was planned to be used by Adolf Hitler for manufacturing cheap and affordable autos for everyone apart from his salary level. But his plans failed as WII broke out. During that period of time plant in Wolfsburg was mainly used for navy purposes of the Third Reich.

When the war was finally over the brand was controlled by the Alliance forces and Brita in particular. This is when production of legendary Beetle of Type 1 was launched. At the point of VW history the situation with international sales was catastrophic. Beetle model was considered to change the situation and it eventually did. Over 1 million models were sold followed by Type 2 or VW Bully.

For over 20 decades Beetle was still on top of sales even in spite of the fact auto was already out-of-date. The key elements to success were affordable price, easy maintenance and low fuel consumption. In 1972 German brand marked its 15 million sales.

When Beetle popularity started decreasing due to lack of innovations and modifications, it was high time to offer something new. And in 1974 VW presented its first Golf model. It put the company back on map. Then Polo was added to iconic series which is still one of the most popular over the globe. New VW sedans and SUVs represent high quality in every detail, great performance and power characteristics. At the same time German quality always comes along with high prices. Some consumers can’t even dream of buying a new VW car. But used models are still available on the market in good conditions. If you still have any doubts about the car you want to obtain, use our Volkswagen VIN decoder to keep in touch with all necessary information. The main aim of VW VIN number decoder is to keep you away from any frauds or cheating. Those who use VW VIN decoder can be absolutely sure that the purchase will run smoothly, their future car is not stolen and I sold absolutely legally.

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