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Toyota is actually the biggest automaker in the world. It is bigger than such automotive giants as GM or Ford. The company was founded in 1933 and firstly was specialized in manufacturing vehicles powered by gas engines. Encouraged by the government the owners of the brand were focused on making their own cars which was cheaper for the company. The same year after its foundation Toyota presented its first motor that could be found under the bonnets of Type A and G1 truck.

During WWII the company was mainly aimed on producing trucks for navies. When the war was finally over, Toyota headed to the international market. The main idea was to produce a car that could compete with US and other producers around the globe. In 1957 the brand proceeded with its first dealership to North America followed by building of Toyota plant located in Brazil in 1959. All models were unique for that market due to the fact that they combined low fuel consumption, good powerful specs and affordable price. That is why it didn’t have any difficulties in competing with Ford, GM or anyone else.

Sensational introduction of Corolla during 70’s led to the fact that Toyota has become the most favorable compact car among American consumers. Later the company decided to conquer new segment of luxury cars introducing Lexus which also captured attention of the international automotive market at once.

Now the brand takes active part in environmental battle offering new solutions and developments in every model featuring award-winning hybrid autos such as Prius. The company now mainly deals with producing electric environmental-friendly cars powered by lithium-ion batteries.

Though Toyota can hardly be compared with luxury cars with the exception of few models, purchasing a new one can appear to be rather tough challenge. Opting for a used Toyota can help to reduce the cost. However buyers should pay attention that when we speak of a used car, we also consider possible problems. Toyota VIN decoder will keep you away from all of them providing buyers with detailed information on particular auto. In other words Toyota VIN lookup tool is an essential service that keeps you in touch with any data connected with your future car. You won’t face any difficulties in using our Toyota VIN number decoder. All you need is to insert VIN number in the space provided. In few seconds all data will be available on your screen.

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