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Tesla car is a unique electric car, which is highly competitive with its petrol analogues. The appearance of such car became possible due to the unusual approach of the Tesla creator to the whole matter. He understood nothing in cars but he was good at accumulator battery.

Martin Eberhard, whose name is closely connected with the appearance of Tesla car, had a dream. He had a burning desire to create an ideal car, which wouldn’t consume combustibles and lubricants in big amounts. So, he managed to find a backer and in 2003 he set up a new automobile company named after a famous scientist Nikola Tesla.

The first model produced by the newly-established company was “Tesla Roadster”, which copied the petrol model of a car “Elise” manufactured by another company called “Lotus Cars”. «Tesla Motors» saw the true value of this car’s light body and used it in the design of their vehicle line. But the other constituent parts of that car were completely different and innovative. Each car was equipped with 6000 tiny accumulators (their weight was about 450 kg), which demanded a light construction of a car. As a result “Tesla Roadster” became the first electric car which made 100 km per hour in 4 seconds. By the way, the car needed only 30-40 minutes to be recharged. The first model of “Tesla Roadster” was sold in 2006. After that it began its victorious march all over the world.

Nowadays the most popular models of Tesla cars are “Tesla Roadster” and “Tesla Model S”. Tesla is an extremely expensive car; however more and more used cars are becoming quite affordable for ordinary people. At the same time potential buyers should be very careful when they decide to buy one of those used cars. The best idea is to use Tesla vin decoder as it is the most reliable and fastest way to find out if it is safe enough to buy the offered model of a car or not. A potential buyer of Tesla car can get any necessary information connected with the car he wants to buy in a few seconds with the help of a Tesla vin lookup. All the buyer needs to do is to insert Tesla vin number and in a split second he will be able to learn everything about the car’s “history”, its previous owner and if he tells you all the truth about the car. The service will help you dispel any doubts.

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