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Though founded in 1909 by Michio Suzuki popular Japanese brand was involved in car producing only since 1937. Unlike Toyota which mainly copied famous American 6-cylinder engines, Suzuki brand started developing its own motors and eventually presented its first model to the public. It was a 4-cylinder engine version which produced up to 13 HP. However during WWII the company faced serious financial problems as well as many other automakers around the world.

Only during 50’s Suzuki eventually came up with several new models. By that time it was mainly focused on producing engines for bicycles. The brand produced series of models which included sedan, wagon and pick-up. Some of them had a great success and made it possible for the company to get back to the automotive market.

High sales rate gave a boost to further development and several new autos have been introduced to the market including Fronte 360 and 500 and in 1970 legendary Jimmy was produced. This was the time for the company to expand its influence overseas. Production of popular Swift and Vitara was launched during 80’s. These models helped Japanese automaker to take leading positions on the market along with production of bike series with great performance characteristics. At the moment Suzuki is considered to be 12th largest car producer in the world with over 45 production facilities in 192 countries around the globe. Its cars and bikes are famous for reliability and great characteristics.

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