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It can sound surprising but Skoda auto brand was originally a brainchild of book store owner and his brother. The history of one of the biggest European automakers started in 1895. Two enthusiasts decided to open their bicycle repair shop which was in huge demand. At those times most people had German bikes. But due to the lack of details brothers managed to take their niche offering necessary spare parts and high quality repairing works. Some years later brothers were involved in repairing and producing motorcycles.

Their business was gaining success and popularity. They managed to earn enough money to launch export of their bikes to UK’s capital which was a great achievement. They came up with here main models which enjoyed great success. It was high time brothers expanded their business and got involved in auto producing industry.

After WWII the company was mainly run by the governmental support program making it major producer of passenger cars in 1946. That was not really a good thing as Skoda lost beneficiary contracts with some Western countries which eventually led to decline.

The recovery was observed only after oil crisis in 70’s. In 1987 the company introduced its Favorit model which appeared to be rather successful with consumers making it possible for the brand to gain some leading positions back on the automotive market. Having great features and specs new car also gained back its place on the UK market. In 1990 Skoda brand associated with VW which was a good decision for the company. Having German technologies behind it managed to increase quality of every car and since that time became major European automaker.

Now the company deals with producing luxury sedans including Super B and Passat as well as crossovers, hatchbacks and more. Some Skoda models are not rather expensive. It all depends on the class of the vehicle as well as its modification and features. However, in some cases buying a used auto is better considering high quality and durability of Skoda cars. But you still need to check with information obtained via Skoda VIN decoder. The thing is that Skoda VIN number will give you all necessary details on particular vehicle. At the same time you can save extra money as we offer Skoda VIN lookup service for free.

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