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Though Toyota is now actually the largest car manufacturer, at the beginning of 2000’s it needed something bigger to cover enormous American automotive market. It was decided to launch a new brand. This is how new Scion division was founded in 2002. The main idea of new project was to produce modern and affordable cars to meet requirements of younger purchasers who were not seeking for high class, but practicality and low cost.

The same year two Scion concepts at the same time were introduced at the New York Auto Show. They were bbX and ccX models. Two years later production line was expanded and two other models were available for American buyers. They included xA and Xb. Some new models followed later in 2007. They were produced not only for US market, but also for Japanese consumers.

Pure and affordable price was actually the main feature of every Scion model along with set of possible customizations and specs. In other words, primary mission was successfully completed for Toyota. The attention was grabbed. New Scion cars had a screaming and bright design which helped to gain the level of popularity among young and modern drivers who were striving for more. Every auto came along with wide selection of accessories. So, not surprising people hurried to the nearest dealers.

New Scion models are also rather attractive with their aggressive and at the same time elegant style. Students won’t find it difficult to pay for a new car. But if you are saving money for something more and can’t afford spending them on a new model, used vehicle will be a perfect solution to this problem. As a rule, young drivers do not have enough experience to evaluate conditions of a used vehicle. But have no worries. We offer easy and fast tool for checking with all information. You will only need to find Scion VIN number and use our Scion VIN lookup service online anytime you want. The main idea of such service is to provide buyer with all official information according to existing standards and regulations. Scion VIN decoder will prevent you from all types of cheating.

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