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Scania is one of the oldest automakers over the world. The company was founded in 1891 and has already produced and delivered over 1.4 million trucks, buses and other types of heavy transport across the globe. With headquarters in Sodertalje, Sweden it has official dealers and representatives in more than 100 countries worldwide with about 42,000 employees.

From the very foundation the brand started gaining popularity due to high quality vehicles for commercial and other purposes. Very soon the first ever Scania truck was exported to Denmark. This was the start of a huge European campaign and the company found it possible to quickly conquer the European automotive market.

Scania factory appeared to be a strategic object. Here hard military vehicles were produced as well as light tanks. After the war engineers came up with several innovative ideas improving engines for their trucks and producing turbo charged motors powered by the exhaust. In 1953 legendary L51 Drabant was presented to the public. It was equipped with powerful 4-cylinder engine which produced up to 100 HP. Such result appeared to be sensational for trucks of that period. New model immediately grabbed attention of consumers.

Today the company deals only with truck production having lots of factories around the world. Some new models are equipped with innovative 8 and 16-cylinder engines which are powerful enough to complete the hardest transportation tasks. Of course, buying a new Scania truck is rather expensive considering its features and characteristics. But if you are planning a small business, used car will certainly come in handy on first stages of your development. The only thing you need to consider is that such cars cover long distances and anything could happen to them in the past. Scania VIN decoder will provide you with clear and easy to obtain information about a vehicle. Scania VIN number is a standard code which every car has in according to modern requirements. All you need is to find its location and insert in the space provided by our Scania VIN lookup service.

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