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70’s appeared to be rather tough times for American automotive history. The situation was worsening due to another oil crisis which made some automakers discontinue their production line. Even such automotive giants as GM faced financial difficulties and sales reduction. This is why the Board of Directors decided to change GM strategy and launch new brand to meet requirements of purchasers. It resulted in foundation of Saturn auto brand in 1985. New division got its name after Saturn rocket which brought American astronauts to the moon during 60’s.

100 specialists in different fields worked rather hard to produce the first Saturn car in 1990. The main idea was to oppose foreign marketing strategy implemented by various Japanese and European car brands. Saturn autos came along with better quality and performance. The idea was rather successful and sakes growth was rather rapid during 90’s.

Saturn brand started gaining one prestigious award after another. It was highly critically acclaimed and was able to satisfy the needs of American consumers. 1993 was extremely profitable year according to official reports of the company. In 1995 the level of sales reached 1 million unit mark. However, at the beginning of 2000’s some popular series were discontinued due to lack of popularity. It gave GM a boost to pay more interest to the brand’s development. New vehicles were actually equal to its European rivals such as Opel and Vauxhalls. The company still produces various models including sedans, SUVs and coupes.

Though Saturn brand is not as popular as the rest of American car producing trademarks, there are some drivers who are eager to take the advantage of this auto. Buying a new one can be a tough challenge while used Saturn cars are rather affordable. Saturn VIN decoder will be a vital tool for those who opt for used vehicles. Saturn VIN lookup lets you obtain necessary information about a car online for free. You can easily check car details by Saturn VIN number using our simple service.

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