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Saab is a popular Swedish automaker which made a name for itself with high quality and reliable vehicles. However, at the beginning of its history the brand mainly dealt with producing airplanes which meant high standards as this kind of industry would never forgive even the slightest mistake. At the end of WWII it was high time for the company to introduce itself on the new market. Automotive niche appeared to be one of the most profitable and with a great potential during that period of time. The only thing was left is to produce a product to enter new market.

That is why in 1944 Project 92 was launched. It was actually a project of building the first Saab model. Airplane building experience appeared to be rather handy. And Saab engineers eventually came up with their 92 model which had drag coefficient of 0.31 which some modern consumers are still trying to attain. At the same time new model had several other unique features which made it rather popular with consumers. Later 92 model was modified with a new 3-cylinder engine. Moreover, wagon version was available for buyers starting from 1959.

The company faced financial difficulties during 80’s and one of its plants was closed aiming on reducing the costs. In 1990 GM bought 90% of Saab stocks which made it possible for the brand to cope with those obstacles. Nevertheless, total recovery was only in 1993 representing Saab 900 model making the year extremely profitable for the company. Later GM bought the rest of shares and Saab appeared to be a subsidiary of the major US automaker.

Now the brand produces not only sedans and coupes based on Opel chassis, but also SUVs which are actually equal to Subaru Impreza. In spite of low selection of models at the moment, Saab still offers some high quality variants and modifications though they can seem a bit too pricy. The best way to cope with this situation is to opt for a used car. You will always find an appropriate offer on the market considering popularity of Swedish brand. Don’t forget to check with Saab VIN decoder and find out as much information about the vehicle as possible. Saab VIN number can be found in several locations. Such measures will prevent you from any unfair treating. At the same time Saab VIN lookup service is a good source of official data including production year, model type and more.

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