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Rover was always considered to be the main British auto producer. The company was founded in 1904. First models immediately grabbed attention of consumers and gained perfect reputation thanks to reliability and affordable price. Rover production line mainly included small compact cars as well as middle-sized autos.

During WWII all plants were mainly focused on producing military techniques and armory. When the war was finally over, Rover owners started exploring European automotive market aiming on export of their cars. In 1949 the brand introduced its P4 model which was rather popular not only in Europe but also in US. The company also launched production of popular 75 series. Those cars featured outstanding design and technical characteristics which could meet requirements of consumers. The sales rate grew and production of 75 and P4 models was discontinued only in 1959 and 1964 respectively.

Since that time Rover was eager to make its appearance in luxury car niche introducing P5 model followed by revolutionary P6 which earned the Car of the year title. During 70’s the brand came up with its second Car of the Year. It was a 5-door hatchback. SID model turned out to be sensational for the whole automotive market. But Rover 800 is considered to be the most defining auto for the brand. It made the company popular over the globe. All Rover cars have always reflected innovative approach with modern techniques and great performance. This is why they are still so popular with consumers.

You will hardly face any difficulties in finding high quality used Rover model. They are now available at low price making it possible for buyers to get on wheels at low cost. However, considering the age of some autos using Rover VIN number to check with all information will be rather useful. Rover VIN decoder will let you know not only the production year or manufacturer, but also main specifications and features of the vehicle. Every symbol of the code contains important information. All you need is to insert it in the space provided by our Rover VIN lookup online service.

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