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What started as potentially prosperous business eventually grew into 4th largest auto producing company in the world. We are talking of Renault brand which is not only major world’s automaker thanks to its collaboration with Nissan, but it also produces one of the most recognizable models over the globe. The brand is a brainchild of Luis Renault who decided to team up with two of his brothers who dealt mainly with commercial side of business. Renault company has been officially registered in 1899 and within only three years it came up with the first production line of first saloon featuring 4-cylinder engine with 24 HP.

The success was rather huge. The company came up with several innovations to cope during the crisis but during WWII as well as all other automakers it was used mainly for military purposes. In 1946 the brand introduced its legendary 4CV model which was extremely popular with buyers. The company made even more money it was expected making it possible to expand production and get involved in heavy machinery development as well.

The time went by and 4CV became out-of-date at some point and it was necessary for the company to bring something new to the automotive market. Dauphine was introduced in 1956. It also resulted in huge success and large sales rate. Later several other models were also produced which took the overseas market by storm.

Now the company takes part in the most prestigious F1 racing tournament and produces several iconic models that are still extremely popular with consumers. They include legendary Clio, Laguna and Megan. Every car represents simplicity, innovations and high class at the same time. Production line is being expanded all the time with new types of vehicles. However, some new models are rather expensive. Even starting price of the simplest modifications can be rather hard to cope with for a casual consumer. But there is always a good way out. You can easily buy used Renault. There are dozens of models for all tastes at the most reasonable price. In addition you can feel absolutely safe about the car you are going to buy thanks to Renault VIN number. It’s a code which provides the exact data on particular points related to vehicle. In other words Renault VIN decoder is a guarantee that your car ill meet the highest standards and requirements. You will find it rather easy to use our Renault VIN lookup service.

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