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Though Ram is considered to be comparatively young auto brand, it still has a great influence on development of truck segment. The company was founded in 2009 as separate division of Chrysler Group which was eager to conquer new niche. But later RAM was acquired by Fiat and made its debut model introduction only in 2011.

The main idea was to introduce Chrysler as company which is also able to manufacture high quality trucks and pick-ups. Some first RAM models were produced under Dodge badge. But this was not for long and only several versions and modifications were available to consumers during that period of time. That was also time when the company decided to change the strategy and focused mainly on real truck buyers instead of casual purchasers.

Now production series includes several versions such as full-size trucks, cargo vans and chassis cabs. It resulted in necessity to create a separate commercial wing to attract new potential customers. Though according to some information the first mentioning of RAM was registered in 1981 when Dodge decided to get involved in truck production, the brand was officially founded in 2009. RAM uses the badge which was actually used by Dodge. It depicts the head of the ram.

Buying new RAM is always a challenge considering its price. However, if you are looking for a reliable and high quality truck or pick-up you should be ready to pay. At the same time there is always a good chance to buy a used car of high enough quality which will cope with the hardest tasks. The only thing you need to check is previous information about the model using RAM VIN number. This code contains all necessary data regarding main specs, production year and more. You can use our RAM VIN lookup anytime and keep in touch with all important data. RAM VIN decoder is available for free.

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