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You will hardly find a person who has never heard the name Porsche. This world’s famous brand is popular with its astonishing and fast super cars which come along with luxury, style and high quality. Having this car is the same as having high status or golden Rolex on your hand. In 2006 the company got a title of the most prestigious auto brand in the world. Many decades of excellence and innovations resulted in high level of popularity all over the world and high sales rate in spite of jaws-dropping prices established by the company.

The company was founded by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931. Located in Stuttgart promising brand got its first contract on constructing “people’s car”. It was VW appointed by the German government. But WWII broke out very soon and Porsche brand was mainly used to produce vehicles for army needs.

After the war the first Porsche model was presented to the public. It was legendary 356model which was a huge success. The sales wet up. This fact inspired engineers to create another sensation. In 1951Spyder 550 was presented to the public. New car immediately hit the headlines followed by several other legendary series including Porsche 911, Boxter and Carrera. All new cars came along with numerous innovations and developments in order to make driver’s life as easy as possible. The brand was the first to introduce Tiptronic automatic gear box system. Its sports cars showed outstanding performance on various racing competitions which was another evidence of great class and performance.

Now the company deals with wide selection of models which include wagons, crossovers and classical sports cars. All of them are of premium class. Every auto is constructed using high quality materials and innovations. This is why the cost a fortune in the majority of cases unless buying a used car which is also a good idea. But in this case you will need Porsche VIN number decoder to check with former information about the car. Porsche VIN decoder is necessary for a safe purchase without any risk of losing car in future due to unexpected reasons. In addition Porsche VIN numbers is the best source of detailed information regarding what happened to a particular model in the past.

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