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Pontiac brand was established in 1893. Its founder Edward M. Murphy came up with an idea of creating carriage making company which was named in honor of city where it was based. This is how Pontiac Buggy Company appeared. The founder of the brand quickly understood that future of his business was mainly connected with development of automotive industry and production of vehicles that were driven by means of motors. In 1909 Murphy died and his brainchild was bought by GM which has already established its leadership in car producing field in the US.

15 years later the first 5 Passenger Coach was introduced to the public. It had 6-cylinder engine which made it possible to compete with 4-cylinder motor driven cars at that time. Moreover that model was much cheaper which resulted in high popularity and increased sales level.

Than Pontiac Big Six was produced. Its success was overwhelming. Nevertheless, few people know that first Pontiac models were marked GM. However on the edge of 30’s the brand decided to add uniqueness and freshness to its autos.

Legendary Boneville model appeared to be defining introduction. Iconic car was firstly introduced in 1957 and defined a new era in American automotive industry. As a result Pontiac gained reputation of flashy and at the same time affordable and reliable car. From that point company could easily compete with such rivals as Chevrolet and more. Moreover Pontiac is the first brand ever to introduce the first muscle car in the US. Grand TurismoOmologato had a great influence on the way American cars looked like for several next decades.

Needless to say, that having such car is a true pleasure for every auto fan and gourmet. New sports models are thrilling and luxurious at the same time. Unfortunately even the starting price of the simplest modifications is rather high. Few people can even dream of buying them. However, purchasing a used car can turn out to be a good way out for those who are still eager to have those babies. The only thing is to ensure that seller is absolutely fair with you. This is where our Pontiac VIN lookup service will come in handy. Pontiac VIN numbers will make it easy to learn any additional information on any vehicle that is not provided by the seller. At the same time Pontiac VIN decoder will keep you away from dealing with stolen or damaged cars. Feel free to use our service anytime you need.

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