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Though Plymouth brand no longer exists on the automotive arena, it still had a great influence of development of American car producing industry with its legendary models. The company was officially founded in 1928. The name and logo of the brand were chosen to commemorate the Mayflower Ship which stood at Plymouth Rock.

The founders of the brand were eager to offer affordable and at the same time high quality vehicles for American consumers. Middle class segment was the main aim for Plymouth at the beginning off its development. The idea was initiated by Chrysler with a focus on middle-cost niche. A chosen strategy appeared rather successful and sales rate starting rowing at short notice. Primary goal was to challenge other brands of this class including Ford and Chevrolet. The first Plymouth model had several unique features which could not be found in other competitors’’ vehicles.

During 30’s engineers came up with several innovative ideas and introduced Plymouth models which featured combination of high quality and affordable price. Such approach made it possible for the brand to cope with financial obstacles which most of automakers met during the Great Depression. Moreover Plymouth not only survived during crisis, it was among leading automotive companies on the US market. Production of 2-door convertible models was launched. Those cars appeared to be the first coupe ever. Later the owners faced the need to save money practically on everything. Producers started using material of low quality which had a negative influence on vehicles’ class.

But in spite of all efforts made by Chrysler to improve the situation, the brand was finally discontinued. Nevertheless, auto gourmets may still find used Plymouth cars on the market. But considering their age Plymouth VIN decoder will be an essential tool to evaluate conditions of the auto. The main idea is that every brand’s model has its own unique Plymouth VIN number. It can be used to identify specific information connected with specs, features and other factors which may come in handy while choosing a used vehicle. Plymouth VIN lookup service is a perfect source of data on any car or brand.

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