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Considering the fact that Peugeot family business was launched during 1700’ this major French automaker is actually the oldest one. Of course, at the beginning of its development it had nothing in common with car producing industry. The company used to deal with salt, pepper and coffee grinding business. Then it turned to producing umbrella frames and wire wheels. When the era of transportation began, Peugeot directed to automotive industry revealing its future potential. The first Peugeot model was a 3-wheel vehicle powered by steam. It was firstly introduced to the public in 1889. Later engineers started using Daimler engines for their cars. However, when WWII broke out, the company stopped it car producing business and was concentrated mainly in military needs.

The first auto after WWII produced by Peugeot was released in 1948. It was legendary 203 model. The car was rather cheap and of high quality. The brad chose the right strategy considering the fact that few people could afford buying expensive cars after the war. Later the company launched production of new series featuring innovations and outstanding design brought by Pininfarina. Those models were rather popular with consumers due to the futuristic body shape. Such success opened way for Peugeot to the US automotive market. It started exporting its cars to America in 1958.

However, increase of sales rate was followed by financial problems and instability. It took many years to fight its leading positions back. During 90’s the brand headed towards luxury segment introducing various models series including compact convertible cars, sedans and coupes. At the same time Peugeot the most prestigious F1 racing competition which also had a positive influence on sales rate. Despite the fact that new 200, 300, 400 and 600 models are rather affordable, having a used Peugeot may result in great savings. But you need to be sure that your car meets necessary standards and requirements. There is an easy way to check this using Peugeot VIN number. All you need is to enter code into a space provided by Peugeot VIN lookup service. It will take you a couple of seconds to learn all the data including country of origin and plant via Peugeot VIN decoder.

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