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Though now part of General Motors, Opel is still one of the major German auto producers with long history featuring tough times and huge successes on the automotive arena. Before buying the first car manufacturing plant in 1899 the company was focused on producing bicycles and sewing machines. Later Opel was involved in supplying bodies for Darracq carriages. Since 1906 engineers were skillful and experienced enough to launch production of their own vehicles. But the first Opel models was introduced a bit earlier I 1902 at the Hamburg Auto Show.

At the moment popular German brand has already earned reputation of reliable and affordable cars with innovations, good performance and excellent characteristics. In spite of serious crisis during 20’s the company managed to overcome high inflation and remain the biggest automaker in Germany. This was until 1928. The Great Depression still had negative consequences and owners faced the necessity to look for a partner to cope with situation. This is when collaboration with GM was established.

Cooperation with major American brand made it possible for Opel to keep leading positions and become the largest manufacturer in Europe by 1930. The way to foreign automotive markets was open and production was being expanded. Olympia model was introduced at this point of time taking European market by storm.

Many reliable and high quality models have been produced since that period of time. They include iconic and compact Opel Tigra, Astra and many more. At the same time the company made an effort to get its niche in luxury car segment next to such German auto giants as BMW, Porsche and Mercedes introducing Opel Insignia in 2008. In spite of the fact Opel cars are considered to be affordable. Some models’ pricing is rather high. But getting a used car may also be rather risky unless you use Opel VIN decoder to learn all the information on a car you are going to buy. You may use our service to find out any information via Opel VIN number. The service is absolutely free. All you need is to insert VIN code in the space while using Opel VIN lookup tool. That’s it!

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