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Known as one of the major Asian automakers Nissan brand started making its way to the top of automotive industry in 1914. Now this company is the third largest car producer in Japan that is popular on both sides of the Pacific. But before Nissan models started gaining popularity and recognition, producers had to cover a long way featuring ups and downs throughout the brand’s history to become automotive giant which we know today.

Datsun Type 15 appeared to be the first passenger car introduced by Nissan 1937. The company took over Datsun at that period of time and kept on expanding with an aim to conquer the US market. In 1958 Japanese car producers exports 1200 Sedan models which hade 48-HP engine under their bonnets. It was a huge success for the brand thanks to designer William R. Gorham. By 60’s the company has already gained reputation as producer of affordable and at the same time high quality vehicles which was a winning combination to get high positions on American market.

Later the company came up with several iconic models such as legendary Bluebird equipped with 3-speed manual transmission and off-road Patrol which hit the headlines with its debut. 350Z model turned out to be a good effort in making its way to the top in sports-car segment. Now Nissan is still one of the largest Japanese automakers showcasing new models in various segments.

Such popularity results in high demand in Nissan models. They have great economic and power characteristics combined with great design and high quality materials. However, few people may afford buying a brand new Nissan considering its process especially when it comes to sports versions. In such occasion a used Nissan can appear of be great solution. Nissan VIN lookup service will certainly come in handy for those who opt for a used car. Nissan VIN decoder proved to be an essential tool providing buyer with detailed information on particular model. On the one hand our Nissan VIN check will prevent you from unfair sellers. On the other hand you will be able to learn about your future vehicle as much as possible with only a lick of a button. All you need is to enter VIN number in the space provided and press “decode” button. That’s it!

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