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The history of Mitsubishi brand starts in 1917. But that period can’t be called rather successful for a new company which managed to produce about 22 models which were not rather popular with consumers. Mitsubishi was truly involved into production of autosonly after WWII. At first they were mainly 3-wheel vehicles and scooters. The idea was to provide customers with cheap and affordable vehicles. 10 years later economic situation in Japan has changed and more and more families were back into the game as they were able to afford buying themselves a new car.

That was a perfect time for the brand and Mitsubishi introduced its 500 sedan model followed by a small auto named Minica and legendary Colt. In 1953 the sales were increasing rapidly due to correct business and production approach established by the company,

I was high time Mitsubishi made another step to the world’s recognition. However, it needed a support from overseas. That is why the board of directors decided to establish collaboration whit Chrysler and sold 15% of shares. Such measures made it possible to sell iconic Galant in America though under another name. Some years later Mitsubishi eventually managed to enter US market under its own name and badge introducing three new models at the same time. They included Tredia, Cordia and Starion. Over 1.5 million units were sold by 1980.

From that time the company faced serious financial troubles at different points of its development until it established collaboration with Daimler-Chrysler to from a strong partnership and avoids bankruptcy. The company managed to fight its leading positions on the automotive market back with such living legends as Lancer, Pajero and more. Every model comes with innovations and powerful engines. This fact makes buying a brand new auto rather difficult. That is why the majority of drivers opt for used Mitsubishi cars available in wide range. If you want to save money, you can hardly think of a better variant. All you need is to use Mitsubishi VIN decoder to avoid any kind of misfortunes with your vehicle. Mitsubishi recalls by VIN is an easy way to obtain all necessary information about the past of the car. All details can be found using only vehicle details by VIN.

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