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Mini Cooper can be called one of the most recognizable cars without any overestimation. Though it is a separate division of BMW at the moment, the idea of creating such vehicle originated from British Motor Corporation. However, the brand had to undergo numerous changes when we speak of its producer.

The first Mini car was produced in 1959. In spite of being rather small, it had roomy enough cabin for passengers and luggage which was mainly due to innovative design and front-wheel drive system. First models were presented under Austin and Morris badges. And only in 1969 the brand manufactured vehicles under its own marque.

During 60’ numerous innovations and upgrades have been added. They include new suspension in combination with automatic transmission. Despite its size, Mini models have proved to be rather efficient from power point of view. They could boast great performance thanks to reduce weight and better engine characteristics. Later design of the care has been modified by Rover group in 1990. It made it look the way we are all used to.

There were tough times for the brand during 80’s and 90’s. The trademark hardly survived mainly thanks to “special edition”. Luckily for the brand BMW decided to buy the remnants under the Rover Badge and develop its own models under Mini logo. Designers made everything possible to make this car stylish and fashionable. In 2007 the number of sales reached 1 million units.

In spite of the fact Mini brand was specialized in producing low cost cars at the beginning of its development, current models are rather expensive. However, buying a used auto is a good option for those who want to save money. Mini Cooper VIN decoder will be your guarantee that the car you want to buy was not stolen or damaged in an accident. Mini VIN decoder is an easy-to-use online service providing users with all necessary information about a car. You can easily check any vehicle by VIN at short notice with only a click of a button.

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