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No, MG is not a misspelling of major American automaker General Motors though it also has long and rich history. MG is a separate car producing brand that originated from Britain. The company was founded in 1924 and its name stands for Morrison Garages. At the beginning of its development MG brand was mainly focused on exporting cars in Oxford. But later the owners decided it was high time they started producing their own separate vehicles.

The starting point in MG history was a huge success. The sales level was high enough to go on with further expanding and widen production series offering various models. In 1928 the company launched its powerful advertising campaign to attract as much potential consumers as possible. It presented its first 18/80 model which was manufactured under MG badge.

Unfortunately, solo career was not rather long for engineers of MG and the company faced the necessity to become a part of Morris Motors once again in its history. In 1935 the brand mainly dealt with producing sports autos. In 1952 MG factory was closed due to serious financial problems. But the brand made a comeback to the automotive arena within 2 years. New MGB model was presented to the public in 1962. It came along with some style and high level of comfort making it rather popular with consumers. It was so successful that MGB production continued till 1980.

Later MG brand became a part of Rover group and few new models were produced since that time. At the moment company produces compact small cars and efficient SUVs for city ride. Though they may seem to be rather affordable in comparison with other British autos, used cars will still be a good decision to make when it comes to saving money. In this case you will certainly need MG VIN decoder to check with detailed information on a chosen model. MG VIN lookup is the best source of data concerning particular car including its serial number, features and many more. MG VIN number is a unique set of symbols according to ISO standards established in 1981.

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