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Those who are involved in history of the Ancient Rome have certainly heard about the god named mercury. He was famous for his speed and winged sandals. This is why Ford decided to name its new brainchild after him. The main idea of Mercury foundation was to oppose Lincoln which was gaining popularity in luxury car segment. In other words Mercury was aimed on filling the gap between two automakers.

The idea was to produce stylish and eye-catching vehicles with high level of performance. The first ever model was Mercury Eight. It was also known as Super Ford among consumers. This car turned out to have the most aerodynamic design in the world at that time featuring powerful engine which produced 95 HP. Production of the model continued from 1903 to 1938. The vehicle was in great demand in spite of its comparatively high price. 17,000 units have been sold. Everything was running great for a new Ford division until WWII broke out.

The strategy off producing large luxury cars was successful until the second wave of the oil crisis which broke out during 70’s . Mercury had to change the strategy and was aimed on producing small compact cars with low fuel consumption. This was actually the only way for the brand to stay on the automotive market.

Capri and Bobcat models represented new approach of the company. Cougar XR-7 model was extremely successful with consumers and sales got rather high at short notice. At the dawn of the new century the brand came up with several improvements and innovations aimed on developing performance and fuel efficiency. Mariner and Milan are among new Mercury models. The company continues its small vehicle strategy. But it does not mean they are affordable to every buyer. In some cases it is better to choose a used car using Mercury VIN decoder to check with information about it. We offer Mercury VIN lookup online tool that will provide you with all data regarding country origin, features, plant manufacturer and other information. Mercury VIN number can be used to compare the current condition of the car with the way it should be.

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