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Mazda is a famous Japanese carmaker headquartered in Fuchū, Hiroshima. The company’s name originated from Ahura Mazda, the god of intelligence and wisdom, and also was derived from Jujiro Matsuda, the company’s founder.

Mazda was established in 1920 in Hiroshima and originally produced machine tools. In 1927, it was renamed to Toyo Kogyo and in 1931 switched from producing machine tools to vehicle production starting with the Mazdago three-wheeled ‘truck’. During the Second World War the company produced weaponry for the army of Japan.

While Toyo Kogyo was officially renamed to Mazda only in 1984, all vehicles produced by the company were bearing the Mazda name. The Mazda R360 and the Mazda Carol were launched in 1960 and 1962 respectively. In the early 1960s, Mazda became interested in producing cars with rotary engines. Inspired by NSU Ro 80, Mazda produced Mazda Cosmo in 1967. The Cosmo was a flagship rotary-engined model, reflecting Mazda’s focus on the future technologies and innovations.

These innovations finally helped draw attention to the brand and Mazda went worldwide, formally entering Canadian and American markets in 1968 and 1970 respectively. Mazda’s Rotary Pickup truck had been sold in North America and proved to be very successful there. However, with the break of 1973 oil crisis, rotary-engined models fell out of favour because of their poor fuel economy.

Within 1979 – 2010, Mazda cooperated with Ford. Since then Mazda has been offering a wonderful model range including the famous Mazda3 and Mazda6, Mazda CX-5 and Mazda Roadster (MX-5).

The current Mazda logo was designed in 1997 and its winged M-letter symbolizes the company’s passionate flight for the future. The company’s ‘zoom-zoom’ slogan, representing the special feel of Mazda vehicles’ ride, became popular worldwide.

Although Mazda offers a wide lineup of new vehicles, you might be interested in buying a used one. Here, the culprit is to know the facts about the car and be sure that it won’t halt or malfunction unexpectedly. Mazda VIN lookup service might be of great help here: enter Mazda VIN number on the website, while Mazda VIN decoder deciphers the number and gives you the most needed info about the model (production plant, year of make, engine details, etc.)

This short procedure will make sure that you are buying a safe and a reliable car.

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