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As a rule all major Italian automakers appear to be a family business. Maserati brand is not an exception. The brand was the brainchild of 4 Maserati brothers who came up with an idea to create their own car producing enterprise focused on manufacturing luxury sports cars with high level of performance and speed. All 4 brothers were in any way connected with racing autos. It means they had necessary experience and skills to develop their own award-winning engines with maximum HP.

The trademark was officially registered in 1914 with headquarters in Bologna. At first brothers were mainly focused on developing sports cars for other brands. But soon enough they’ve come up with production of their own vehicles. Their first creation was so successful featuring great characteristics that it won Tagra Florio race the same year.

Maserati was all about developing its engines and made it possible to modify its popular 4-cylinder motor to 6, 8 and eventually 12-cylinder aggregate. Mario Maserati was believed to be creator of company’s logo which is now one of the most recognizable auto badges around the world.

New stage of the company’s development brought such popular models as Maserati 3500 coupe. It came with numerous innovations and modifications along with aluminum body. Several other models were produced during 60’s making it possible for the brand to gain leading positions back after a short break.

In 1993 the brand was bought by Fiat which made huge investments to reanimate Maserati. In 1999 3200 GT was presented to the public. It appeared to be award-winning coupe equipped with 3.2-liter turbocharged engine. The brand is currently undergone by Fiat and keeps leading positions in its segment which makes it rather hard for consumers to buy a new model. But if having Maserati has always been your dream, you can benefit for used car considering the necessity of Maserati VIN decoder. If you have any doubts regarding a particular vehicle, you can always check with any data using efficient Maserati VIN lookup tool. It will provide you with year of building, serial number and other useful specs as well as features. Maserati VIN number fast and safe way to avoid unfair treating.

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