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Lotus is one of the most famous and recognizable British automakers. Its cars are popular for their style and speed. Though having numerous titles on track, all those racing wins seem to be not enough for the company. That is why they are also involved in production of great racing cars for casual consumers featuring high performance characteristics, grace and maneuverability.

The first ever vehicle under Lotus name was produced in 1949. It was equipped with Ford engine showcasing more power than ever. Engine characteristics were high enough to challenge Bugatti Type 37 and win prestigious Silverstone race. This was a defining moment for the founder to focus on production of sports cars.

New and bigger factory was built during 50’s. This is when legendary Elite model was produced and presented to the public. The main feature of revolutionary car was its integral glass fiver body. In 1958 the brand started participating in the most prestigious F1 racing tournament. The first Grand Prix was who within a year after that. Lotus domination in F1 championship became inevitable.

If everything ran smoothly for the company on racing track, production line was not as successful as it was expected by the owners. The brand presented two new models including Lotus 30 and 40. They were not very successful and resulted in rapid sales decrease. It was high time engineers came up with something new and attractive for consumers. But it was not so until 90’s when award-winning Elise and Evora were produced. These cars helped to gain reputation back and appeared to be among the best sports cars ever. Those who want to get one will have to be ready to pay a fortune. Obtaining such monster is rather expensive. But used Lotus models are still available on the market. Note that LOTUS VIN decoder will be rather helpful while opting for a used vehicle. Considering high speed and power, such cars are very likely to be damaged in accidents. LOTUS VIN number helps to identify such occasions very fast. You can choose from several methods to use LOTUS VIN lookup service.

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