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Lincoln is an independent luxury car producer. The company was founded in 1917 by Henry M. Leland who worked in Cadillac before starting his own enterprise. He decided to name his brand after state-leader Abraham Lincoln manufacturing several iconic models including legendary Continental in which JFK was assassinated. Lincoln limousine appeared to be representation of premium class, high quality, luxury and great performance.

The start was not as good as it was expected and at the beginning of 20’s the company faced serious financial obstacles and was about to establish bankruptcy. Leland had nothing to do but to sell his business to Ford. From that time Lincoln models were put on mass production selling the same year 5,500 units.

One of the most famous cars ever produced by the brand is Eugene T. It was presented to the public in 1932. 4 years later iconic Zephyr was produced. However, both models were only preparation before presentation of legendary Continental. All three models have been modified during the next several years offering purchasers various modifications including coupe.

The only problem for the brand was the fact that all its cars were extremely expensive. Few people could afford buying them. For instance, Mark II model cost $10,000 which was actually the same as buying a new Rolls Royce.

New era for Lincoln started with introduction of Town Car and Navigator. They appeared to be best-selling luxury autos on the US market in 1998. Not the company suffers from lack of new models and deals with selling its MKZ and MKX models. New ones will cost you a lot while used Lincoln cars can still be bought at reasonable price. Lincoln VIN decoder is the best way to get information on main characteristics and specs of the car. Lincoln VIN lookup will keep you in touch with vehicle’s origins, serial number and other useful information. At the same time Lincoln VIN number tool will let you know whether any features of particular model have been changed.

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