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LIFAN is a popular Chinese automaker which is rather young in comparison with the rest major car producing companies. The brand was officially registered in 1992. It is well-known for wide range of low-cost budget autos though the first ever product was a motorcycle. While making its first steps in automotive industry LIFAN was mainly focused on producing bikes. They were rather cheap and started gaining popularity among Chinese consumers very fast. Within only 5 years the brand built 5 plants.

In spite of being rather successful at producing motorcycles, the owners of the company were always eager to get their niche on car producing market. However, engineers did not have enough experience to manufacture their own independent vehicle. That is why first models were licensed under Honda and Mitsubishi brands. At the same time LIFAN brand established successful collaboration with Daihatsu in order to obtain necessary innovations and technical improvements.

First models under LIFAN badge were produced only in 2005. 6361 model looked more like pick-up. The same year the brand introduced its first low-cost hatchback which was 320 model as well as compact car Lifan 520. These new vehicles appeared to be extremely popular on Brazilian automotive market as well as in China. The company started exporting cars to other countries including Ukraine and Russia. Now it offers wide range of affordable models with low level of fuel consumption, innovations and enough power for a perfect city ride.

If you are also interested in a car with good capacity and low fuel consumption at the most reasonable price, LIFAN cars would be the best bet. At the same time new models can be hard to find unless you have brand’s official representative sin your hometown. If not, the best way is to opt for a used LIFAN which is also a great idea considering its reliability. The only thing you’ll need is to check with car’s history using LIFAN VIN decoder. It is a great online service which makes it possible to get detailed information without leaving your apartment. Pay attention that not all LIFAN VIN lookup services are free. Some of them may establish additional fees. You can benefit from our efficient and fast LIFAN vin number tool anytime.

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