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Lexus is an upmarket division of Toyota, renowned for production of luxury cars and SUVs. The company is based in Nagoya, Japan, and sells vehicles worldwide.

History of Lexus brand began in 1983, when Eiji Toyoda, chairman of Toyota, set a task to produce ‘the world’s finest car’. This led to F1 project which resulted in the LS 400 model debuting in 1989 in the US accompanied by a massive advertisement campaign in mass-media. Since the launch of LS 400, Lexus models have been praised for high quality, nice designs and good fuel economy.

In the early 1990s, Lexus cars became the best-selling premium vehicles imported in the US. The second-generation of the company’s flagship model LS 400 appeared in 1994 and the debut SUV, the LX 450, was launched in 1996. In 2004, Lexus sold its two-millionth car in America and introduced its first production hybrid, the RX 400h SUV.

In 2005, Lexus was organizationally separated from Toyota, its parent company, and debuted on both domestic and worldwide markets. Lexus models were redesigned to meet international needs. Following successful sales in Taiwan and Korea, the company’s sales succeeded in car markets of the Middle East and Australia. However, in 2008, global sales dropped by 16%, but recovered in 2010 in Asia and North America.

In 2014, Lexus celebrated its 25th anniversary and produced special edition RX and LX models.

Today, Lexus boasts an extended lineup of various vehicles: luxury sedans, convertibles, SUVs, crossovers, hybrids. The company has its own high-performance division, the F marque, which produces high-performance cars such as the RC F and the notorious LFA praised by many car columnists including Jeremy Clarkson.

List of Lexus options is vast and offers a lot to choose from, including numerous safety options, control and infotainment systems.

When buying a Lexus car, either brand new or used one, it is very important to know the key facts about the vehicle: manufacture plant, engine details, suspension facts and so on. Lexus VIN decoder can help check out VIN numbers and help you find out the most needed information about the specific model you’re going to purchase. Lexus VIN check is a fast and secure way to make sure that your new car doesn’t have any hidden issues and that it will be your reliable and safe companion for whatever journeys you make in it.

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