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Land Rover is a brand which produces luxury SUVs and crossovers. They feature stylish design and innovations. Producers pay attention to every detail and use only high quality materials while manufacturing their automotive masterpieces. It often leads to high prices. And purchasing of new Land Rover can sound like a joke for a middle-class consumer. However, it does not mean they do not deserve having such a great car. Used models can be a perfect variant to save money and obtain high quality comfortable vehicle. But you should be very careful s not all sellers are fair enough to provide buyers with all necessary information on their vehicle. This is when Land Rover VIN lookup tool will be extremely useful. You are very unlikely to face any difficulties while using Land Rover VIN decoder. You will have to find Land Rover VIN number and write it down carefully.

Speaking about the history of the company, popular brand was founded by Wilks brothers who could boast owning Jeep. They enjoyed their car but never gave up thinking of building their own off-road vehicle. They came up with their first model very soon. First Land Rover was presented to the public in 1948. At that time you would hardly find automaker which was able to compete with Jeep. The brand proved its level of quality and efficiency during WWII. Civilian models also appeared to be rather good combining powerful motors and high level of passability.

On the other hand British producers could not waste a chance to take the challenge from their US automotive rivals. Land Rover brand was aimed on presenting a vehicle for various purposes. At the same time one of Wilks brothers appeared to be rather gifted salesman. He worked out efficient commercial campaign which made it possible for the company to compete with Jeep.

The first model hit the headlines in 1948 and took the audience of the Amsterdam Auto Show by storm. Orders started showering the company. Brothers faced the necessity to expand production to meet the demand. At the same time they started manufacturing lighter and more compact vehicles in comparison with Jeep which added popularity and demand. During 70’s legendary Defender model was introduced to the YS market. It enjoyed great success. Later BMW absorbed British brand.

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