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Nowadays you will hardly meet a person who will be able to refuse from a highly paid job to follow his dream. Luckily for the whole automotive industry and Italy in particular VicenzoLancia was an exception from that rule. He was ready to give up his career of successful accountant to start car building business. As we all know he was rather successful offering the world series of most advanced series of autos of all times.

The brand has been officially founded in 1906. Vicennzo has always been passionate for engineering and repairing works. He was the only man in 20th century to start his car building company at the age of 25. The first ever model was introduced within only 1 year after the brand’s foundation. It was revolutionary Alpha. When the majority of automakers were producing horseless carriages at the beginning of the 20th century, Lancia came up with a lighter model thanks to front axle instead of solid steel.

6 years later the brand presented its another revolutionary innovation. It was Theta model which appeared to have special built-in electrical system. The car was available in two modifications with several engine variations. They included V8 and V12 engines which made it possible to the company to take leading position on the European market. Lambda model was another mind-blowing presentation featuring independent suspension and narrow V4 motor.

Though facing some problems during 90’s when the brand started losing good reputation due to low reliability of new models, Thesis model released in 2002 made it possible to gain the reputation back. New cars come along with elegance, grace, stylish design and exceptional technical characteristics. That is why new autos are rather hard to obtain considering their high price. However, you can easily choose the best variant from used cars though you need to consider using LANCIA VIN decoder to check with information available on particular model. LANCIA VIN number tool is available online anytime you need. It means that you do not need to hurry and buy the first available car. Spend some time to compare the price and information obtained with the help of LANCIA VIN number service.

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