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Lamborghini brand was officially founded in 1963. This company is a good example of success which can be achieved with engineering talent, innovations and huge investments, of course. The founder of the iconic brand FerrucioLamborghini had a great passion for engineering and his talent was noticed during the First World War. Later he made a name for himself running his successful air conditioning and heating business which made it possible for him to earn enough money to be called a wealthy and rich man. Once he visited Enzo Ferrari in his passion to start car manufacturing business.

It all result in grand opening of the first Lamborghini factory near Bologna and the first model featuring V12 engine which became the basis for all other Lamborghini models. New motor was able to produce up to 350 HP which was a sensation at that time. First Lamborghini prototype 350 GTV was officially presented to the public at the Turin Auto Show. It gave a boost for mass GT series production which offered three different modifications including 350, 450 and 450 2+2 models.

1973 appeared to be sensational year for the whole automotive industry with introduction of legendary Countach. This car turned out to be the icon of sports vehicles. You would hardly imagine anything better than that. Countach was followed by even more egoistic Miura. The epoch of new racing cars was launched.

In spite of such success Lamborghini faced serious financial troubles at some point of its history which resulted in replacement of ownership. German investors made it possible for the company to stay on flow and release several other iconic models such as Gallardo and Murcielago. These road monsters are well-known to all auto gourmets and fans around the world. One will hardly argue that buying a new car would call for enormous financial efforts. Even used cars are rather expensive though still affordable. Considering the power and speed of every car, Lamborghini VIN decoder will be of great use. You can easily check previous information with Lamborghini VIN lookup tool when buying a used model. At the same time Lamborghini VIN number decoder is a fast and easy access to all necessary data to complete the purchase.

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