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LADA brand’s history starts during 60’s when Russia and Italy established collaboration to open new factory. The plant manufactured vehicles which were based on Fiat models. New autos were intended to be “people cars” due to their low price and affordability. Fiat platform was modified to meet Russian standards of automotive industry. Engine was also redesigned featuring new sporting camshaft for better performance and lifespan. It was actually better than in original Fiat models.

VAZ2101 and VAZ2102 were the main models that were produced during 60’s and 70’s. They were adapted to Russian weather conditions. Low temperatures often caused engine malfunctions but the problem was solved rather quickly offering new and more reliable motors. Lada is actually the name of the brand. All Lada cars are produced by Avtovaz manufacturer. All autos were mainly equipped with 1.5-liter gasoline engine.

In 1980’s the strategy was changed and the brand came up with several fresher and newer models. At the same time legendary off-road Niva has been presented to the public in 1978. New car managed to gain good reputation and admiration of consumers rather fast. It had 1.7-liter engine under the bonnet with great capacity and capability.

Now LADA is actually one-and-only major Russian automaker which managed to double production capacity and sales by 2015. It offers new stylish vehicles which meet requirements of modern drivers with innovations and powerful characteristics. Buying a new LADA won’ be a tough challenge due to affordable price. At the same time new cars are expensive enough to meet some financial problems. That is why some buyers are still searching for used auto which are rather cheap at the moment. Considering the fact that some used models can be rather old, LADA VIN decoder will be vital to check with past information about the car. Some may find it difficult to find auto in a good condition. At the same time LADA VIN lookup tool will guarantee the fact, that particular model was not damaged in previous accidents. You can use our online LADA VIN number anytime you need. Pay attention that you are supposed to choose a car rather thoroughly in order to avoid malfunctions in future. Our service will be rather helpful in such situation.

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