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Kawasaki is an international company, which has more than 50 holding companies all over the world. The company consists of more than 100 different firms which form the largest industrial and technological business-group in the world. The company has 7 structural subdivisions. One of the most interesting and oldest one is the subdivision which manufactures motorbikes.

The first Kawasaki motorbike was a two-cycle model produced in 1960. Motorbike industry developed quite fast and Kawasaki decided to take risks and to license the technologies of another famous Japanese motorbike company Meguro. Quite soon Meguro Company became the part of the Kawasaki group and started manufacturing the motorbikes with fair-sized engines. In 1966 the first model of Kawasaki W 1 was presented at the world’s market. The engine capacity was 650 cubic centimeters. Unfortunately, the model wasn’t very popular with people, because of the bad vehicle steer ability and low speed capacity. Later, two more models of Kawasaki motorbikes were manufactured and they also failed. At last, the Kawasaki H 1 (it is also called Kawasaki Mach III) model was designed and had a great success at the market. The motorbike consumed too much petrol and was very difficult to steer, that’s why it gained the reputation of a hardcore and “disobedient” motorbike. But in spite of that lots of people were ready to buy it. In 1972 Kawasaki renewed that model and produced Kawasaki Mach H 2 with the engine capacity of 750 cubic centimeters. The company tried hard to create something which would become a mainstream and attract a lot of people. Thus, the Kawasaki Z 1 model with the engine capacity of 750 cubic centimeters appeared. These models have become extremely popular since 1990s and more and more people are dreaming about possessing one of these motorbikes nowadays.

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