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Jeep is an American brand of trucks and SUVs which first appeared during WWII with all-wheel-drive military vehicle. The brand has become a synonym for all SUVs, whether the SUV in question is actually a Jeep or not.

The first civilian model was launched in the 1940s. It was the CJ-2A, which was targeted toward construction workers and farmers. In the 1950s, the CJ-3B and the CJ-5 were introduced. In this decade, the brand was purchased by Kaiser.

The 1960s saw the introduction of the Wagoneer SUV, targeted toward active families. By the 1970s, the brand was purchased by American Motors Corporation which resulted in the launch of the CJ-7 and the Scrambler. During this years Jeep vehicles became especially popular among American buyers.

The next decade saw the launch of the Cherokee midsize wagon, which became an instant hit. The CJ series was replaced with the Wrangler in 1987 which offered more comfort features. This year Chrysler acquired American Motors and Jeep became part of Chrysler's division.

In 1993, one of the most popular Jeep models, the Grand Cherokee, was introduced. This midsize SUV offered more luxury and comfort features providing ultimate off-road capability.

In 1988, Jeep became a part of DaimlerChrysler, which resulted in the launch of the Liberty, Compass and some other models. In recent years, the brand expended its lineup with a couple of new models, including the Grand Cherokee SRT8 and a four-door Wrangler.

Taking into account constant improvements and expansion of the brand’s lineup, it’s no wonder that many drivers are dreaming of owing a Jeep. However, not everyone can afford buying a brand new vehicle and turn toward second hand market. If you found yourself in similar situation, there is one thing you should know. Buying a pre-owned Jeep can really become a great deal. However, you can never know if the seller or dealer doesn’t hide some important information about the vehicle. Jeep VIN decoder is a service that can give you peace of mind when dealing with a used vehicle.

Every car manufacturer is obliged to assign its vehicles VIN numbers. Jeep VIN number can reveal such information as the vehicle’s year, assembly plant, transmission, body style and platform. It can also tell if the vehicle was reported salvaged, stolen, flooded o somehow damaged. Use our Jeep VIN lookup to ensure you are making a wise financial and purchase decision.

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