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You can hardly think of more elusive and elegant luxury car than Jaguar. This brand produces autos under one of the most recognizable badges in the world. It all started in 1922. At first company was known under several brand names. But it eventually found its true name and the first Jaguar models have been introduced in 1932.

There is an interesting fact about the brand. All cars were produced under SS logo before 1940’s. But this badge had nothing in common with Nazi Germany. It reflected side-car roots of the company. However, such logo was inappropriate during the post-war period as it was associated with Nazi invaders. It was decided to change the logo which appeared to be elegant and powerful creature that is now known to every auto fan and gourmet.

XK 120 is the first iconic model which grabbed attention of consumers round the world. High level of popularity made it possible to sell up to 10,000 units in spite of high prices. At the same time it appeared to be the first export car for the brand. Later it was updated and turned into XK 140 and 150 models.

During 50’s the company turned into production of large saloon cars of premium class. Production of new series was launched. It mainly included Mk VII lineup powered by XK motors. Unfortunately, new models were not as successful as their predecessors. That is why the brand opted for smaller models which included MK ii series. They had more success having sold up to 123,000 units followed by introduction of legendary E-Type. It was a synonym to innovations and outstanding performance. In 2008 the brand was sold to Tata Motors Indian Group together with Land Rover.

New Jaguar models are luxurious and stylish. Desire to want one is absolutely normal. But for major consumers it is nothing more but a dream unless opting for a used car. Jaguar VIN decoder will be necessary for such purpose. The idea of using Jaguar VIN lookup is to check with all past information of the current model. It won’t take much time to check whether your future car was damaged in an accident or stolen before. Jaguar VIN number service is safe and free to use tool.

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