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IVECO is a leading Italian and world's truck company which is now represented on over 100 countries. It produces wide range of heavy and light trucks as well as other models for different purposes. The whole production series consists of three main categories. They are road trucks, off road trucks and buses. At the same time IVECO supplies trucks for fire-fighting brigades with all necessary equipment and facilities.

IVECO brand history started during 70’s. The main idea was to oppose leading European automakers such as Fiat and KHD which were eager to conquer truck segment in the automotive industry. The main problem at that time was the fact that 80% of the market was divided between national-owned automakers and companies. The brand was officially established in 1975.

The first series of light truck called Daily is actually the launch of IVECO production line. Those vehicles were presented to the public in 1978 and appeared to be the first trucks of mass production. Daily models were a huge success mainly due to their light weight and great maneuverability. These factors were essential making the vehicle to be the best European truck of those times.

After such success the owners decided to expand production line and manufacturing of heavy trucks was also launched during 80’s. TurboStar was the first result of such decision. Its engine was able to produce from 330 to 420 HP depending on modification of the model. It had several advantages in comparison with other cars including more comfi9rtable cabin and powerful 6-cylinder engine. Now the company continues bringing its traditions and produces reliable and high quality trucks and buses for different needs and purposes. If you are also planning to get yourself IVECO truck, you should think twice before choosing between a new and used vehicle. New ones may be rather expensive, and if you are eager to save some money, IVECO VIN decoder will help to obtain all information about a used truck or bus. On the one hand it won’t take you much time to use IVECO VIN lookup. On the other hand it will provide you with accurate data on all accidents and damages which car had in the past. You can choose between free and paid IVECO VIN number decoders.

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