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Isuzu may sound like a character from Kung-Fu or science fiction movie. However, it is the name of popular Japanese car producing brand which is mainly focused on manufacturing trucks. It exists for almost a century already and actually has almost the same history as other popular Japanese truck producers such as Kia or Hyundai. Isuzu managed to enter the market mainly thanks to clever positioning which led to company’s development and growth. This is how the brand took its niche in the automotive industry.

The first Isuzu auto was produced in 1922. Though new vehicle had some defining innovations, it also had several serious drawbacks which put it far away from flawlessness. It took the company almost 13 years to proceed with modifications and developments in order to take the challenge of manufacturing high quality trucks and buses. Hard engineering work resulted in the first prototype produced in 1935. It had no analogues in Japan by that time. It was equipped with special airbrakes. The engine was mounted under the floor.

During 90’s the brand took the automotive industry by storm releasing its iconic Trooper and Rodeo models. At the same time it had great success on racing arena after winning the Alcan Winter Rally for three times in a row. New vehicles with better technologies were also introduced. Popular Axiom is among them. It became rather popular on the US market and grabbed attention of GM. Now Isuzu is a separate division of American car producing giant. New models can seem to be affordable from the first sight. Nevertheless, used cars are great chance to save money for a special treat. Don’t forget to use Isuzu VIN decoder when it comes to buying a used car. You never know what has happened to a vehicle in the past. On the other hand Isuzu VIN number decoder will provide you with all details at short notice. We offer cheap and simple Isuzu VIN lookup service where you can pick the most appropriate method.

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