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Hyundai is a relatively new brand in the American market. This Korean automaker offers high quality cars and SUVs at an affordable price. Its product line has significantly improved over the past decade, which helped Hyundai gained a reputation of a well-respected maker of quality vehicles.

Hyundai Civil Engineering Company was founded in 1947 by Chung Ju Yung. In the Korean War, the outfit was bombed, but the company managed to regain its footing and became renowned as a leading Korea’s construction enterprises.In the 1960s, Chung turned his attention car market and founded the Hyundai Motor Company. He quickly signed a contract with Ford to share their assembly technology that resulted in the production of the first Hyundai's car – the Cortina. The first Hyundai's car to be created in Korea was the Pony. In 1975, the company introduced its vehicles to overseas markets. But it was not until 1986 when the brand entered the US market with the Excel subcompact. The model became an instant hit, largely thanks to its supreme affordability.

By 1988, Hyundai started using its own technologies. Unfortunately, the brand image was tarnished by poor reliability and its sales want down. However, Hyundai chose not to abandon the market but instead invested in new quality and reliability improvements. In 1998, the company purchased Kia to expand its product lineup. And their investment started to pay off in the beginning of the 2000s with the Elantra, which showed significant improvements in performance and quality. The next models proved the improvements and the popularity of Hyundai vehicles increased drastically.

Today, Hyundai offers vehicles for nearly every market segment, from the Accent subcompact and the Sonata sedan to the Genesis sporty coupe and stylish SUVs. Hyundai’s lineup also includes Genesis and Equus luxury sedans.

Although Hyundai cars have proven to be reliable and quality vehicles, you can never know if a used Hyundai has been maintained properly by a previous owner. For that reason, if you are considering a pre-owned Hyundai, be sure to use Hyundai VIN decoder to ensure that a car doesn’t have hidden issues.

Every Hyundai vehicle has a unique Hyundai VIN number, which can help reveal all the essential information about a car, including its year, model, engine and other features. Moreover, you can find out if your car was damaged, stolen, flooded or somehow illegally modified. With our VIN decoder Hyundai shoppers can rest assured they are getting a reliable and safe vehicle at a reasonable price.

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