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GMC is an automobile division of the GM American manufacturer, which focuses on SUVs, vans, pickups, and light and medium-duty trucks.

GM was initially founded as a holding company for Buick in 1908 by William C. Durant. The following year, the company purchased the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company, which became the basis of the GM Truck Company. That’s where the GMC Truck name derives from. Early models introduced to market were the T16 and T20.

In the 1920s, GMC sales continued to increase. By the 1930s, the brand had expanded its lineup to include a wide range of vehicles, from half-ton pickups to 10-ton buses and trucks. During WWII, the GMC Truck purchased Yellow Truck & Coach, which helped continue its expansion.

In the post-war years, GMC Truck became more consumer-oriented and started offering vehicles that more closely resembled passenger cars. During the next few decades, the brand’s popularity continued its growth, largely thanks to the introduction of pickup campers, motor homes and SUVs.

The 1990s saw the debut of the Syclone street pickup and the Typhoon SUV. Today, many of the GM SUVs and full-size pickups are leaders in their class. Although mechanically similar to Chevrolet vehicles, they are differentiated by their unique style, features and trim levels.

When considering buying a GMC, many car shoppers turn toward the secondhand market. Buying a used car is a great way to save money and purchase the car of your dreams at an affordable cost. However, it can be a challenge for less experienced car shoppers to find a used GMC in good condition. If you are not sure whether the seller is being fair with you, feel free to use our GMC VIN decoder, which empowers you with the confidence you need to make a smart purchase.

Every GMC vehicle is assigned a unique GMC VIN number that contains all the information about a car, from its year and engine type to a comprehensive history report. A VIN check is a must for all car buyers, both experienced and novice. There are some types of car damage that cannot be easily detected even by a mechanic. With our GMC VIN lookup tool, you can find out if a vehicle was stolen, damaged or titled salvage. Don’t hesitate to run a VIN check today for peace of mind on your purchase!

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