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Geely is rather popular car producing brand which is specialized in producing affordable and high quality cars at the same time. Now it deals with manufacturing luxury sedans and coupes which are still available at comparatively low cost. However, any new car in spite of its badge can appear to be rather tough challenge for the buyer when it comes to purchasing. That is why used models are great solution to this problem, especially when it comes to Geely. These cars can be bought at the lowest price with good list of features and specs. You will only need to check the information about the car using Geely VIN number. It is actually a code where every symbol reflects particular information about the model. That is why Geely VIN decoder is in high demand among consumers. Geely VIN lookup tool is also available online.

Here is some information about the brand and its development. Geely is considered to be rather young company in comparison with other automotive giants. It was founded in 1986 by Li Shufu who decided to borrow money from his relatives and start his own car producing business. His brand has eventually gained much success and popularity among middle-class consumers.

In 1994 the brand was specialized in producing motorcycles which were in high demand in China. Later the owners decided to launch production of small vans and the firs model was introduced in 1998. In 2001 the company was officially approved of manufacturing cars. When Chinese market was actually conquered, it was high time for the company to look towards European and SU markets. The brand was introduced at Detroit and Frankfurt Auto Shows gaining appreciation of the audience.

Unfortunately, car export to the US and Europe needed to be postponed. After establishing collaboration with Volvo, Geely received enough production capacity and innovations to release its award-winning autos featuring high level of reliability and quality. Some of its models are produced in the UL and other countries around the world.

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