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It is not known exactly when the brand was founded. But the first ever Fiat model was produced in 1901. It mostly looked like a carriage that was powered by 2-cylinder engine that produced 3 HP. From that time the brand was aimed on developing its production line and came along with wide range of model series throughout its history. The main idea was to create a simple and at the same time high quality car which would be affordable for purchasers of all classes and levels of income.

Later the owners of the brand started borrowing technologies from world’s leading automakers and Mercedes in particular to produce another Fiat model which had modified 1.2-liter 4-cylinder engine. It helped the company to gain popularity and increased sales rate which eventually resulted in launch of fist mass production series of Tipo Zero in 1912.

When WWII was over the majority of automakers across the globe faced the necessity of implementing innovations and restoring their production series as they were mainly busy with producing engines and vehicles for military purposes. But Fiat was still in top of the list mainly thanks to its best-selling models 500 and 1100. They were also known as Millecento. Later the 600 model was presented to the public. Its sales level reached 1 million units.

Thanks to innovations, simplicity and high quality Fiat brand has grown into a top leading automaker not only in Europe but also in the world. It made it possible for the company to absorb such iconic brands as Ferrari in 1969 and Lancia the same year. Now the brand is focused on producing wide range of sedans and coupes for a perfect city ride with low fuel consumption. New models can seem to be a bit hoof high pricing. And in some occasions buying a used Fiat is a better option. The only thing you need to consider in such situation is to check with Fiat VIN decoderand fill vehicle history report. The idea of Fiat VIN number is to provide user with accurate information on all damages and other things which happened to a vehicle in the past. We offer our cheap and efficient Fiat VIN lookup service to avoid common mistakes made by used car buyers.

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