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Ferrari brand has been always known for its exceptional and luxurious sports cars not only for consumers but also for professional racing competitions including prestigious F-1 World Championship. The brand was founded by Enzo Ferrari who was always passionate for fast driving and powerful engines. Enzo started expressing his interest in cars and engines since his early childhood. Later he obtained priceless racing experience which was used to launch his iconic red-flagged brand. The first Ferrari model was presented to the public in 1943. It was a legendary Tipo 815.

For some period of time Ferrari was mainly focused on producing engines and accessories for other popular brand. However, it was not for long. 60’s appeared to be not as successful times for the brand as it was expected. Porsche showed great performance on track making it impossible for Ferrari to win Le Mans title.

It was obvious that the brand needed something new for an astonishing comeback. 312PB model was a great choice or this purpose. From that time the brand gave up all other racing competitions and focused mainly on F-1 World Championship bringing innovations and new modifications to its racing cars.

Now Ferrari brand is a part of FIAT group which bought the major part of its shares. Though dominated between 2000 and 2004 on track after signing Michael Schumacher, now the brand meets tough challenge from other racing teams. Speaking about production series, its sports cars have always been known for high quality and outstanding performance characteristics. The founder of the brad got a title of Patron Saint of all Sports Cars.

Needless to say, buying new Ferrari is a dream for casual consumers. Used Ferrari will also cost you a fortune. However, we are all eager to make our dream come true. And some day when you are ready to buy a used model, don’t forget to check with Ferrari VIN decoder. This car is a serious investment. That is why you need to check all available information using easy and fast Ferrari VIN lookup service online. Protect yourself from any kinds of problems in future and make sure your car was not damaged or stolen in the past by means of Ferrari VIN number decoder.

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