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Though founded over a century ago Daihatsu brand started making vehicles only in 1951. Since that time Japanese company was mainly focused on production of small low-cost autos. In spite of small size which could cause laughter from fans of powerful large cars, Daihatsu brand was based on rather smart and clever positioning which made it possible for the company to increase the sales level and launch production of 4-wheel drive compact vehicles.

Such approach helped the brand to conquer small car niche on Asian market. Domino and Charade models were among the most popular and best-selling autos of the brand. It was high time Daihatsu forwarded to the Western market. It started producing cars for the UK market in 1966 and released its Compagno model.

The main benefit of all present and past Daihatsu models is low fuel consumption. All cars are mainly based on 3-cylinder engine with enough efficiency to show great city drive performance. Later the company introduced its first turbocharged autos.

Though some may find it strange but the brand also got involved in off-road vehicles production. Taft appears to be the first all-wheel drive model which has 1-liter engine under the bonnet. There is also another modification of the model equipped by 2.5-liter diesel engine which is more than enough for a compact and affordable SUV. Nevertheless, it is still unable to compete with such popular Japanese brands as Toyota and Honda remaining secondary Japanese automaker.

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