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Daewoo is the South Korean company specializing in automobile release and headquartered in Seoul. First model of the brand became «Le Mans» сreated on the base of the initial generation «Open Kadett E». Nowadays it`s possible to claim without any exaggeration that «Le Mans» presents one of the most popular autos among new foreign brands. After ordinary modernization in 1995 the model has been renamed Nexia. Model Leganza is a company`s endeavour to produce convenient and perfectly equipped business class cars. Car body of Opel Senator had been used as a basis for Leganza design development. Daewoo Matiz presents mini-car possessing cross located engine and front-wheel drive. It belongs to the most successful Daewoo cars, gained popularity in many countries and become best-seller during the following several years. Matiz alongside with Leganza released in two variants: Classic and the sportier Eagle. In 2002 Magnus L6 was manufactured – a model equipped with Daewoo`s first straight-six engine possessing an innovative front grill. Shortly afterwards Daewoo released subcompact, model Kalos intended to substitute Lanos.

Outsides the South Korea Daewoo trademark pursued its activity on foreign markets after domination of Chevrolet, especially in countries where initial facilities of Daewoo Motors weren`t included in General Motors takeover plan.

In 1996 Daewoo issued initial authentic motor product Lanos embodied in three variants: cars named Romeo possess four and three doors, model Juliet that presented initial version of new lineup is equipped with five doors. One of essential peculiarities presented a corporate grill consisting of three parts and resembling Daewoo Motor emblem that was frequently applied on numerous brand autos.

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