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Citroen is a leading French automobile manufacturer that is a subsidiary of the PSA Peugeot Citroen group. Established in 1919 Citroen was started to release cars in mass quantities. Within eight years Citroen was recognized as Europe`s leading car producer and ranked fourth among all world producers.

In 1954 Citroen presented the first hydropneumatic self-levelling suspension system and shortly afterwards manufactured cars possessing contemporary disc brakes. In 1967 Citroen invented several variants of swiveling headlights providing improved visibility on twisting roads. Citroen models successfully achieved international and domestic level rewards.

In 2009 Citroen presented new lineup DS – special cars created on the base of the most radical solutions which complement main model series. Model «Survolt» invented in 2010 dispel stereotypes and heats the imagination. Company continues to move towards developing of electric, special unordinary car models. In 2011 Citroen presented well-shaped and impudent model DS5 in Shanghai that blends in perfectly with the lineup DS featuring its design, style and sophistication. By presenting futuristic concept car Tubik Citroen expresses its vision of future mobility. A challenge that the model posed is creation of nine-seat car that is no way inferior to contemporary Sedan.

Citroen is distinguished by high-performance activity in racing and presents a singular car manufacturer who has won three various official competitions of the International Automobile Federation.

Nowadays Citroen continues to win numerous awards in World Touring Car Championships and produce concept models previewing upcoming design tendencies and technologies.

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