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When Walter P. Chrysler came up with an idea of constructing his own car and running car producing company in 1924, those were rather bad times for the whole American automotive industry which was divided between two major participants of the market Ford and GM. The whole world faced serious economic and fuel crisis. And many small automakers had nothing to do but to establish bankruptcy due to low level of sales.

But Walter P. Chrysler thought those were the great times to start his own company due to lack of competitors. The same year he presented his first auto at the New York Auto Show. It was Chrysler 70. The car had a great success. In several years new brand established collaboration with Plymouth which was beneficiary for both of the companies.

After WWII Chrysler was mainly focused on producing powerful and stylish cars which were able to compete with the main rivals such as GM and Ford. In other words Chrysler became third largest auto producer in the US. Evert car featured combination of luxury, practicality, style and power. However, later producers decided to change the strategy and started producing longer and bigger vehicles to the detriment of practicality. They were more expensive in comparison with predecessors and few people could afford buying them.
In spite of all obstacles the brand managed to prove its versatility offering wide range of premium class models. These cars are recognizable over the globe, but there price is still rather high. At the same time most of us still want to obtain the legend of American automotive market. The only way out is buying a used car. However, it may come along with a certain risk. Chrysler VIN decoder is the best way to avoid any kind of risk. The main idea of Chrysler VIN lookup tool is the fact that it gives a chance to check with all information about a used car. You can find out whether it was stolen or damaged in an accident. This is why you will certainly benefit from our easy-to-use and simple VIN decoder. Chrysler is still synonym to high quality and great performance.

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