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Chevrolet is an automobile division of the General Motors automaker. The brand offers a wide selection of vehicles, including hatchbacks, sedans, coupes, SUVs and vans. What makes Chevy especially popular among buyers is reasonable price combined with high performance.

Chevrolet was started by Louis Chevrolet and William Durant in 1911. The first model was the Classic Six, introduced the very next year. This sedan was rather fast for that time, offering up to 65 mph.

In 1918, Chevrolet was purchased by General Motors, and within the next few years it became the largest division, with sales exceeding 1 million vehicles. During the next decades the company maintained its success with affordable coupes, pickup trucks and sedans. Among its shoppers were mainly American businessmen, families and farmers.

The 1960-70s saw the debut of such prominent models as the Bel Air coupe and sedan, the Corvette, the Corvair compact, the Chevelle, the Nova and the Camaro. The latter became an instant hit within the first year of its production. The brand also reacted to changing demand and launched small cars like the Chevette and the Vega. It also downsized the Caprice and Malibu.

Today, Chevrolet is continuing its improvements in midsize and small models, which helps it remain a powerful player in the market. With its innovative and affordable vehicles, Chevrolet is a dream car for many drivers. Lots of car shoppers turn to the secondhand car market, since it’s a great way to purchase a great car at a lower cost. The only thing you should do to ensure you are making a good deal is run a Chevrolet VIN lookup before purchasing a car.

Unfortunately, not all sellers are fair enough with buyers, and they may hide some essential information about the vehicle. A Chevrolet VIN decoder is a great service that can empower you with confidence when dealing with used cars.

A Chevrolet VIN number decoder can give you all the information about the vehicle you are considering, from its year, engine, transmission and assembly plant to a full history report. Thus, you will easily reveal how many owners the vehicle has had and whether it has been reported salvaged, stolen or rebuilt. Should the car have any hidden issues, the Chevrolet VIN number lookup tool will help you find this out.

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