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Cadillac is the most prestigious American luxury automaker. Since its introduction, the brand has been known for its stylish sedans, but some years later the company expanded its lineup, offering models oriented to younger generations as well.

The company was founded in 1902 by Henry Martyn Leland, who named the brand after the famous explorer who discovered Detroit. One of the first models offered by the company was the Osceola, which became the first closed-body and concept car ever produced in America.

Soon after its introduction, Cadillac became renowned as a brand using standardized auto parts and specializing in precise craftsmanship. In 1909, the brand was purchased by GM, which caused growth of its innovations list. Thus, Cadillac became the first American automaker to produce a V8 and to use dash-controlled headlights and thermostatic control of a cooling system.

Among the Cadillac’s most successful models are the Fleetwood Sixty Special, introduced in the 1960s, the Seville with its unique bustle-back styling, the Cimarron small car, the CTS sport sedan and the Escalade SUV. Today’s Cadillac lineup includes sedans, coupes, SUVs and crossovers and offers sharp handling, powerful engines, high performance and lots of luxury features.

Since Cadillac is one of the most expensive car brands in the world, many car shoppers turn toward the secondhand car market. However, it may be difficult to make a smart purchase decision even for an experienced buyer. One of the best ways to avoid buying a lemon is to use a Cadillac VIN lookup tool before buying a car.

Every Cadillac, just like any other vehicle, has a unique code that can reveal all the essential information you may want to know as a buyer. For example, the VIN code can tell you the year of the Cadillac, the model, engine, transmission type, country of production and much more. Moreover, a Cadillac VIN decoder can help you find out if the vehicle has been damaged, stolen, rebuilt or titled salvaged.

With our VIN decoder, Cadillac shoppers can be sure the car they are buying doesn’t have any hidden issues and won’t cause unexpected problems in future. Feel free to use the Cadillac VIN number lookup today and make a wise purchase tomorrow!

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